Blackberry or iPhone?

So for many years I h ave h

ad a BlackBerry. For emails on the go, and good old fashioned phone calls they are very good.

Our mobile contract was coming to an end so thought it was a good time to review firstly the network we were using (Orange) and the device. In both cases the list of alternatives was relatively short. For network it was a matter of whether we remained with Orange, or moved to Vodaphone, O2 or T-mobile. The device was whether we selected a new Blackberry or went for a Nokia, HTC or Apple’s latest iPhone.

The network choice was easy, O2 were very responsive, came in less than on our current contract, and the clincher was they were the only ones who gave any kind of customer service and responded in a timely manner.

In fact in one or two cases they did not even have the decency of replying. So O2 it is, and so far all has gone well.

Regarding the device we quite quickly shortlisted

the Blackberry and iPhone. Staying with the Blackberry seemed the sensible decision. Generally they had served us well, kept us connected and I believe helped the business. However, the iPhone seemed more versatile (and fun), it could do what the Blackberry  had done, but it

had the much talked about Apps. One of the key factors that was holding up the final decision was the keyboard. Did we want to move away from the physical keyboard, and move to an onscreen


We researched both, and read many reviews (social media/blogs are really helpful with this), and decided it was time to go for the iPhone.

We had them delivered and connected last week. What was interesting was the anticipation prior to receiving them. We were all excited. Having used the iPhone for a few days I can only come to one conclusion – they are extraordinary.

How can one device do so much

? What makes them so good is they are so simple to use. I was on my way to a meeting and used the map facility, the radio app is great, music is loaded on and surfing is so easy.

Of course the Blackberry we had were two years old and so the new devices are vastly improved. However, the iPhone is so intuitive it is great fun to use, and the numerous Apps will result in increasing my efficiency and having great fun with it too. I am even getting used to the onscreen keyboard.

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