London Update – 50 issues old

Time for some Young Group self indulgence…

Young Group’s March 2010 London Update is its 50th issue.

When the idea was formulated back in 2005 we did not anticipate the following would grow so much, and certainly did not expect that such property luminaries would be writing for it.

Over the past year we have had a Baroness, Knight of the Realm and leaders of organisations such as the British Property Federation (BPF), Transport for London (TfL) and other government bodies and industry associations writing our feature articles.

The idea behind London Update was (and remains) to give an unbiased perspective of economic and market news that has a bearing on the residential property market in London.

We also wanted to use it to delve a little deeper into topics that are relevant to our clients by including a feature article. Initially, these were written by ourselves, followed by a number of property industry journalists before we moved to the current format of monthly guest writers from within the sector.

We aim to make London Update as balanced as possible. I remember when the credit crisis hit we debated long and hard over how to cover this in our feature article.

At the time there were articles everywhere about what had happened and an array of predictions regarding what the future might have in store.

So instead of adding to an already crowded (and uncertain) space, we decided to simply publish the facts and let the reader

decide for themselves.

I am delighted to say that Richard Donnell, Director of Hometrack and one on the most respected and quoted voices in the property industry, has written the article for our 50th issue. It will be published in mid March.

So London Update’s half century is on the board;  but this is no time to sit back – we are looking forward both for future issues of London Update and for Young Group‘s continued success. The saying “change is the only constant” is true, however, I strongly believe that having a consistent approach is equally important.

To see our past issues and subscribe to London Update click here (subscribe at bottom of page link).

Happy reading.

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