Sunday Times Letting Agency of the Year Awards 2010

Are awards importan


Simple question, with generally a simple answer – YES.

I feel that they are recognition for hard work by the team and an endorsement for current

and future clients. The reason I put generally yes is because you want to ensure you are associated with the right type of awards.

This is why we are so keen to continue being involved with The Sunday Times Awards.

In November 2009 Young London won the award for the best small lettings agency – it was great reward for the hard work of the team to establish a professional customer service approach to lettings.   The Sunday Times 2009 awards had categories that covered both sales and lettings.

However, for 2010 the organisers have split the format, and are now doing two events, separating out into a sales event (estate agents) in November and one exclusively for lettings (letting agents) in June.

My first instinct was we only have the award for eight months! However, once I reflected on it I think having sales and lettings separated is good news for lettings.

My thinking is often lettings is seen as the poor rel

ation to sales, and a bit of an afterthought. By having a specific focus on lettings it means the lettings  industry can learn from each o ther at the event

in June.

Young London has entered four categories:

1, Customer Services

2, Marketing

3, Property Management

4, Single Office

Interviews are due to take place in May – fingers crossed.

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