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What an interesting experience, personally trying to find a house to rent.

We are in the process of looking for

a house to rent and are dealing with a number of letting agencies.

Unfortunately the service we have received has been generally very disappointing.

At some point I will probably write a blog about the experience in more detail, at the moment I will focus on one aspect- being on time for appointments.

I agreed to do a viewing this morning before work. Ideally I wanted 8:30am, but agreed to 8:45am as the agent could do no earlier.

The house is empty so the time was nothing to do with current residents, I expect more

to do with the agent not wanting to get up early. Now surely he should work out that it would be better to try to at least be on time, although good customer service would have been to be early.

Yes, you’ve guessed it, he was late. 7 minutes late to be precise. Am I being pedanti

c? I don’t think so. This put me in the wrong frame of mind for the viewing. I was annoyed.

I will not be offering on the house.

I know we are all late for meetings, and he did say sorry, but when you have a prospective tenant that you know wants to ideally meet earlier (I was there 15 mins early) surely you make that extra effor

t? Also, to blame it on the traffic when you should know that the time it takes for the school run every morning is important

is also not a good move.

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