Tenants and Residential Property Management

It’s Friday and you  have just moved into your rental property, its great to be in.

Saturday morning after you have had a good evening out exploring

your new area you take a shower.

After letting it run for a little while you are concerned that the water is still coming out cold. After a little longer it is still cold, you realise there is something wrong – what do you do


What did the letting agent say to do when something went wrong

? Do I call the agent or the landlord? How this is resolved will influence your experience of the property for the rest of the tenancy.

The way a problem

is solved is so important.

If you get no response when you raise the issue then you will always be wary when a problem arises in the future, however, if it is dealt with efficiently with good communication then you will have a positive attitude.

This simple example emphasises the importance of good property management.

In my opinion tenants should ask how the property will be managed before they commit to renting it.  Good property management will make your tenancy so much more pleasurable.

Think the different experience you have when you go to a restaurant and have good service, compared to the time you had to wait for ages for your food? Or when you go to a doctor’s appointment and you are kept waiting.

One of the most important aspects of good property management is communication. Keeping people updated on how problems are being resolved is so important.

At Young London we produce a clear move in pack which states what to do if something goes wrong. We also leave a copy of a book about London, called the London Companion and some Molton Brown products. We find this sets a good impression when the tenant moves in as well as setting out what they need to do when they have a problem.

In property the adage location, location, location is often quote, in reference to property management communication, communication, communication is very appropriate.

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