Banks to Lend for Property Investment?

I am afraid it is not looking positive.

Yes, of course banks are lending, but do they really want to expand lending to the property sector? Often a simplistic response to the credit crunch of the last few years is that too much money was loaned to the property sector to fuel the greed

of developers. However, I feel it is safe to say many sectors were borrowing when money was relatively easy to obtain – a very good example is all the leveraged buyouts, incidently not all of these were by private equity firms.

Property though is now a large proporti on of the loan book that many lenders are sitting


I have heard the comment that why if they are sitting on property loans that banks are struggling to know what to do with

would they lend to another property scheme

? I understand bank HQs have revisited what proportion of their loan book they want on property and have set targets to manage DOWN to this level.

I read in the press that in the last week or some lenders are increasing interest rates on loans as a way of reducing applicati


I remember having a discussion with a mortgage lender in the recent past that they were horrified to being in the top ten of best mortgages – bottom ten

they would have been happy with.

So whether you are looking for a mortgage or to fund a development money is scarce and will continue to be for some time. I have said in other blogs that money is out thereĀ  – this is the case – but you are battling against lenders looking to rebalance their lending books.

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