Businesses are Aggregators

The Oxford English dictionary’s definition of an aggregator is:

“a website or program that collects related items of content and displays them or links to them”

In reality, virtually all businesses are aggregators. When you think of a dep

artment store, in effect they are an aggregator – they are a traditional business but an aggregator non the less.

So what differentiates aggregators

? To narrow this to property Rightmove, Findaproperty, etc all display any property an agent wants to put on it – as long as they pay of course. I guess the differentiator is traffic, content and useability of

the site. But where is the filter


By filter, I mean, where a business decides to only offer (in the case of property) homes that have met a certain criteria.

In most cases for an agent the criteria is location.

The agent will have their own ‘patch’ and offer property within a mile or so radius of the office.

But what about looking at the characteristics / quality? Many years ago I was told by someone who worked in an agency that he concluded that 50% of property marketed by an agent was rentable/saleable the other 50% was not! Would you go to a Florist where 50% of the flowers were dud

s? Why not only market property that your applicants will be interested in


At Young London we turn properties away if they do not meet our criteria.

I think there are too many websites/businesses that just market any products without checking the quality.

We have our favourite websites and stores for a reason, it would be good if it was not just trial and error that helped us come to this conclusion – I guess social media is trying to assist


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