IPD and Young Group Enter 3 year Relationship

At Young Group we are always looking at ways of supporting and raising the profile of the Private Rented Sector.

IPD (Investment Property Databank) has for many years been the leading voice in commercial property performanceanalysis.

It is regarded as the benchmark for commercial property performance.

Since 2000 they have been collecting and reporting on residential property performance.

The data is principally supplied by the large property owners, such as Cadogan Estates, Grosvenor, Grainger, etc. The results do not only focus on returns but also analyse costs of running the portfolios, including digging down into the detail and showing some great comparisons with other asset classes.

One of the most striking conclusions is not only that residential returns tend to out perform other assets classes but that the risk profile is the lowest as well.

Over the last few years there has been a growing interest in residential property as an asset class from large scale investors.

However, little has come to fruition. The IPD residential results do support what a lot of us have seen, and personally benefited from, that residential is a very safe asset class to invest in. The caveat as always is to do your due diligence, buy well and take care over its ongoing management.

It is a medium to long term investment.

We are very proud to announce Young Group have entered into a three year sponsorship agreement with IPD residential. We look forward to working closely with them to increase the profile of the Private Rented Sector, bring investment and show how good residential asset management can improve returns.

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