Playing Junior Monopoly

Junior Monopoly

Yesterday, Sylvana and I played Junior Monopoly with our 7 year old son.

Monopoly’s strapline is “Property Trading Game”. So I suppose there is no surprise the game interests me. Although the rules are simplified as it is the ‘junior’ version we played, the principles are true to the orignal game I used to play as a child all those years ago.

What was interesting was our son initially got very excited at the act of accumulating cash – by passing go, etc.

However, he was less willing to ‘invest’ his money

to buy property.

 We pointed out that although he had cash, he needed ‘assets’ to make money.

This I guess is the way many (maybe most) people think. Having all your assets in  cash is good. Currently, in the real world,

cash earns a very small return, not materially different to the game where you make no return by holding your Monopoly money.

There are people who extol the virtues of playing Monopoly to learn about investing in property in the real world. I am not going to do that (although I think it does teach you some lessons), however, it is worth noting that the only way to make a return in Monopoly is by buying property and ultimately you cannot win without doing this.

In the real world there are clearly a multitude of ways to invest your money. It is interesting that over the last few years those of us who have held ‘boring residential’ property assets have received a good income from them.

Back to our game last night, our son did start buying property, and enjoyed receiving cash from it. But did he win?

Unfortunately, time got the better of us, and bedtime beat us!

But then again property is a 24 hour business, and in the real world his property assets would have been producing an income while he was in the l

and of nod!

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