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MIPIM used to be an event in Cannes that lasted three days.

Its no longer quite as simple as that – there are unofficial events occuring beforehand, MIPIM-related talk on twitter and interactive resources appearing online. We give you a quick rundown of some of the best content and events happening now to get you in the mood for Cannes.

Cycle to Cannes

This is the sixth annual bikeride to Cannes, that raises money for five different charities – LandAid, Tom’s Trust, The Duke of Edinburgh Award, The Multiple System Atrophy Trust and Article 25.

6 Days, 85 Riders, 1500 km. The Cycle2Cannes website provides more information about the history of the event and live tweets, commentary and photos as the riders cycle from London to the South of France. You can donate here.

Cycle to Cannes

MIPIM Preview Magazine

MIPIM Preview magazine is 92 pages long, and provides a mix of interesting features about property across the globe and finance, including a piece about Nouriel Roubini, the economist who predicted the current financial state

of play. There is also a rundown of some of the events happening in MIPIM itself next week. 

Interactive Floorplan

This interactive MIPIM floorplan does exactly what it says on the tin.

Search by either building or company name and receive very thorough results! 

MIPIM 2011 Preview

Estates Gazette have compiled an interactive MIPIM preview magazine.

Featuring video content as well as text, its fun and informative.

Main features include programme highlights and photos of real estate projects completed worldwide.

Stacey Meadwell, otherwise known as @EGStaceyM, is compiling a list of the best MIPIM tips. From suncream to flat shoes to travel kettles, its a MIPIM-related thread that’s fun to keep your eye on.

I arrive on Tuesday – looking forward to seeing you then!

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