Are You Passionate When Talking About Work?

Enjoying the Jo Malone Experience
Enjoying the Jo Malone Experience

When people talk about where they work and what they do, I want to see a passion from them when describing it.

Over the last few days I have seen this demonstrated on a number of occasions.

On Saturday night four of us went out for dinner.

It was at an Italian restaurant on Highgate Hill called Fabrizio. The reason we selected it was the reviews it had.  The owner – Fabrizio – was t here serving and was very proud of t

he fact that he served food made fresh on the premises. The overall experience was excellent, the food first class and the  ambience was spot on.

Fabrizio was so passionate that we enjoyed our visit (at times it felt more like we were at his home rather than his restaurant), his recommendations were perfect and through his passion we were keen to try them. We will be going back there, and I expect it to become a favourite local restaurant of ours.

The juxtaposition between this and another local restaurant we have been to was obvious – in the other restaurant service is very ‘lukewarm’, with a certain feeling of disinterest from the waiters – the passion of Fabrizio put this  restaurant to shame.

My colleague David mentioned today how over the weekend he visited Jo Malone with his partner, Sally.  The service was excellent, and a word he also used was ‘passion’ in the way they dealt with Sally’s questions.

Last Thursday in the office we were arranging a visit to a new property Young London had been instructed to let and manage.

For various reasons this was being arranged at the end of the day.

I was impressed that emails were being exchanged outside working hours (between 7pm to 9pm) to ensure this could be accommodated, thus not letting the landlord down.  Working late hours is not the be all and end all, but going that extra mile is a sign of passion when you wish to deliver amazing service.

Do you have a passion for the company you work for?

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