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Tech TuesdayTwitter is the initial source of all news, comment and opinion that reaches me. It might seem unrealistic to those not on Twitter that such a wealth of information and knowledge can be gleaned from a series of 140 character sentences, but last night while the London Riots were dominating the news I learnt more from Twitter than I did from the BBC, Sky News and the Guardian’s website combined.

I found tweeters in my local area disputing claims that the high street was being rioted, trying to spread the word as best they could to minimise panic and concern. I got to see images and videos documenting events that happened less than a minute before in Croydon, Clapham, Hackney and Lewisham. And this afternoon, 73,000 tweeters are now following the @RiotCleanUp account that is providing information about the most damaged areas and mobilising the London community into a clean-up team.

A few weeks ago I wrote about exploring the property blogosphere, and suggested a few daily reads that I eagerly check each morning at my desk. Today I am going to suggest some tweeters who I consider essential to your daily feed. They don’t pack quite as great a punch as yesterday’s tweeters, but they do provide a constant and steady stream of market news and commentary (with a side serving of hilariosity).

The list is not ranked, and its certainly not exhaustive. Think of it as an introduction – start following these key players and they will lead the way to their favourites! There are plenty of top 50 lists floating around, but if you want the ‘official’ one check out Property Week’s top 100 list, compiled in conjunction with PeerIndex. Rather excitingly, @younglondon made the top 50 – a great compliment, especially as we were surrounded by many of the accounts I interact with and learn from on a daily basis.

Feel free to add your own favourite tweeters in the comments below – and remember to follow us @younglondon and @young_group for property and London related news, views and commentary.

Melanie Backe-Hansen – housing historian

Sarah Beeny – you know, the one off the television

Nigel Lewis – property writer

Find a Property – the property portal tweeters are lively

The Negotiator – industry magazine, tweets from the editor

Michael Stephen Day – chartered surveyor who tweets personally and professionally

Tracy Kellett – buying agent posting pictures of beautiful properties (and important agent stuff)

Dan Hare – tweets about property and technology

Graham Norwood – property journalist and blogger

Peter Knight – marketing, training and the EAE awards

Ben Harris – property, technology, social media… and golf

Elizabeth Tagge – director at Edelman with a broad property related stream of tweets

Telegraph Property – latest market statistics and pictures of castles that need renovating

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