Studying for Industry Exams

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When you work in an industry

you become very engrossed in the day-to- day job.

For me this will include dealing with clients and the team, reviewing the financials and strategic blue sky thinking. Studying does not come high up on the list.

Ho wever at Young Group and Young London

we do value the importance of spending time training and reading research and building this into our schedule.

As you may have read in a previous blog, I have returned to studying as I have decided to sit the ARLA examsI have been going through the different units and am finding it very interesting. As it stands, this will be the second set of exams I have sat which I regard as for practical reas ons

rather than academic.

In the first instance I was studying for my accountancy exams, and I was surprised and pleased when I found material I studied in the evening or morning (yes, I did an hour before work every day) was then useful in my day job.

This is exactly the same case with the ARLA material.

A significant part of the general law material is a flashback to my accountancy studying. The sections on tenancy agreements and property management are really useful to challenge our current ways of working. It is not so much that things need changing, more I see it as an aide to review and audit our current processes.

I am not going to pretend that studying is the highlight of my day, however, (so far) I am finding it very rewarding. I would recommend that its something others who have previously not considered a formal lettings industry qualification spend some time thinking about.

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