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Pimms O' Clock!

The idea to host tenant socials came from talking to our tenants; many of those we were moving in were new to London, or certainly the locality, so didn’t know their new area well; where to go for the best meal, pint or coffee – and they found it difficult to bed down and feel part of the community. Comments were also made that they would pass people in the lobby or in the lift, smile and nod or say hi, but nothing more.

As Young London typically lets a large number of apartments in each development that we rent out, we thought we should help our tenants get to know each other. We could take care of the ice-breaking and then the next time they see each other they’d be more likely to strike up a conversation and even meet up and go for drinks.

Apart from tenant’s getting to know each other, another reason was to show our tenants that we do not just work for the landlord. We see our tenants as being just as important and our socials give tenants an opportunity to meet the Young London team, who they may otherwise only speak to over the phone. It’s always nice to put a face to the voice and meet personally and build a relationship.

Our first tenant social was in January 2011 at the Camino Bar in Canary Wharf. As our first event, we were not entirely sure how it would go – but the team found it successful. We had tenants mostly from the Landmark and Lanterns Court developments, and tenants were chatting and getting on well, finding out which floor they each lived on and I also saw few of them exchanging numbers and talking about finding each other on facebook. That’s was my goal achieved; I really did feel proud.

Feedback from the venue was great too – I heard after the event that many of the tenants that we introduced to the bar have since become regulars, having previously not been aware of it.

The Goldsmith in SE1 is another of our favourite venues, and home to our ‘South of the River’ socials, attracting tenants from MyBaSE1, O’Central and even as far a field as the Retreat in Earlsfield, SW18. Check out our facebook page to see pictures from the event, which offers plenty of evidence showing how much everyone enjoyed the event!

We hold our get-togethers every other month, switching between E14 and SE1 each time. The total attendees are increasing each time, mainly through word of mouth, tenants being invited to bring along a friend or two and from interaction about the socials on our facebook page.

Our socials have also benefited tenants and landlords in more unexpected ways – we’ve found that tenants who have been to a social and met the property management team are much more likely to report an issue at an early stage, meaning it can be fixed before it escalates and becomes more of an inconvenience to the tenant and more costly to repair. For example, the property management team being able to replace worn shower sealant is much more desirable than only finding out that there’s a problem once a leak is in full swing.

From a business perspective, the tenant socials have also generated referrals from potential new tenants, and our applicants seem to love the idea that we’re there to help them meet their new neighbours if they rent through Young London. As property consultants we often talk about trying to find people the perfect place to live, but the perfect flat does not always equal a happy home; building relationships with those in your block and feeling comfortable and happy in the area you live is essential.

Young London's SE1 Social

After our last event we received some emails from tenants commenting about the event: 

Hi Selina,
Thank you for your invitation – it was good to see you after over a year, and I certainly enjoyed meeting fellow tenants!
Best regards,

Hi Selina

Thank you for inviting me, we all had a good time.


I really like this Young London’s try to make people stay in touch hence I hope to see you this week for sure!

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