RESI 2011 – The Debrief

RESI 2011 logoSo RESI is a few weeks behind us – was it worth the effort?

There is no doubt in my mind that it is a great way of meeting up with old acquaintances as well as making new contacts. Property Week have done a great job attracting over 1,000 people from the residential sector to a two day event in Wales. The calibre of those attending is impressive as well.

With an event of this size it is difficult for the subject matter to be very specific, it has to appeal to a wide range of interests. However, the big names from the industry were there for you to listen to on the main stage, or talk to at other times during the event.

The value for me is to see what people are talking about in the residential sector, what is the mood like, are others investing or sitting tight?

Three years ago on my drive to the event I was listening to the radio when Robert Peston was breaking the HBOS/Lloyds story, not a great backdrop for RESI 2008. This year the economy was once again the talking point, in particular the Euro crisis. However, this year at RESI there seemed more of a feel that we know there is a lot of uncertainty in the economy but we are planning for it, whereas in 2008 it was more can we get through this, what is coming next?

I wonder what the environment will be for 2012? One thing seems certain, there will still be a low base rate to be working from – 0.5% I expect.

What did you enjoy about RESI 2011?

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