Property Maintenance: How to Unblock a Sink

As Head of Property Management at Young London my job involves fixing maintenance issues. Tenants frequently tell me and my team how much they would like to know how to fix those minor maintenance issues themselves, so I have been thinking of a way of helping them learn some simple tasks.

Even though some problems can be fixed quickly, basic household maintenance strikes fear in many. So why not join me as I guide you through how to look after your home? Over the coming weeks I hope to teach you a thing or two about maintenance, showing you how to reset a fuse, change a light bulb and bleed a radiator. With videos and clear descriptions you will be able to complete basic household tasks the next time things go wrong.

This week we will learn how to unblock a sink. The video below is from youtube and is a comprehensive guide to fixing a blockage… in one and a half minutes. It shows you two techniques for fixing the problem, but if neither works for you it is probably time to call in back-up!


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