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Tech TuesdayLast week I broached the subject of mobile apps, after discovering that just under half the UK population own a smart phone. I took a look at the property and investment apps currently on the market, and I am back this week with a few of my favourite London apps.

Whether you are visiting London briefly or are a resident of the city, there is lots of useful information floating around for you to access and interact with. Please take a look, let us know your favourites and suggest any we may have missed in the comments section below.

An offering from the Museum of London that lets you step back in time and walk through a different London. Using GPS your phone will identify where you are, and images from the museum’s archive will give you a window into the past history of your current location.

London Bus Checker
Find your nearest bus station through GPS and see when it is due to arrive. One handy feature, although only accessible on an iPhone 4 or an iPad 2 3G, is an alarm that goes off when you arrive at your chosen stop. Helpful for sleepy residents and disorientated tourists alike.

London Cycle Hire
Find a bike, hire a bike… simple. You can also plot a cycle route from one bike stand to another.

London Tube Deluxe
Everyone loves to hate the tube, but this app is meant to help you out. From your basic underground map to a journey planner and line closure notifications, it helps you navigate the London tube network as painlessly as possible.

London’s Best Coffee
What it says on the tin… although I’m not convinced the best of the city’s coffee culture is always represented. Handy though if you prefer an independent over a chain for your caffeine needs.

Congestion Charge Check
An alert that lets you know when you are entering the congestion charge zone. A tad pricey at £2.99, it does also store a lot of data about your movements which ts lets you export to excel. The jury is out – would you want that or not?

London Parking
Find one of the 10,000 places to park in London before you leave your house or from GPS. Suggestions have been made recently about the future of parking in London, but for now this app will help drivers out.

Oyster Balance
Keeps you updated on your oyster balance and provides a travel history. Rather interesting over time.

I have received lots of great London app suggestions today from people on twitter – it is going to take me a while to try out their suggestions, but expect a blog update in the future! Until then be sure to leave any comments or suggestions below.

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