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Tech TuesdayIt is estimated that just under half the UK population own a smart phone, but I am willing to bet that number is higher when you look within the property industry! The past couple of years have seen agencies across the country create apps for mobile devices and the property portals application offerings are downloaded frequently by house hunters.

Mobile applications can provide large amounts of information in a few taps, providing users with (in an ideal world) relevant and helpful content. Below I have created a list of some of the free and paid apps of a property related nature. I’ve excluded those from individual agencies and property portals as I am not looking at using an app to access listings, just general property information. Some are not obviously ‘home’ related – but for those looking to invest in property they provide essential information on areas you might be considering investing in.

As anybody can create an app, the market is full of free and paid offerings. Some are available on all phones, others are only suitable for android or apple devices. I have yet to spend enough time using those on the list – so any feedback regarding what you love or hate about them would be welcome.

Let us all discover the best property apps on the market!

1) Kirstie and Phil’s House Hunter

One for house hunters. Keep Kirstie and Phil safely tucked away in your pocket, as you take them with you everywhere you go. From advice on closing a deal to general tips there is a lot of information on this app – plus you can search for property and manage your budget too.

2) Mouseprice

Property price data from the Land Registry. With geolocation data you can also see what the properties next to you are worth. Gives those looking to invest in a new area a feel of how much properties in the area are worth.

3) Mortgage & Bank Interest Calculator

International app that allows you to calculate mortgage repayments, taking into account interest rates and mortgage length. Can export the information to excel.

4) Numberhood

Lots of numbers! Data filtered by area to give you an idea on unemployment and crime rates, as well as housing and community strength. Good graphics and charts – lots of useful, factual information in one place. Data is shown for key issues and indicators, with data charts and descriptions to help you understand patterns and trends.

5) Bobbies

Local crime and police data that is updated each month – but data may be a few months behind. Also gives details for your local police force and up-to-date information on events you can attend to meet them.

As usual, share your thoughts and suggest any great apps I have missed in the comments.

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