Creating a Property Wish List

When we receive a new enquiry from an applicant, our lettings consultants follow a process to ensure they have all the information they need to find a prospective tenant a place to live. But renting a flat is much more than just a financial transaction for the applicant; it is about finding a home, a place to relax and somewhere you can enjoy your life. Some people don’t need anything more than four walls to help them feel safe, while others may need sunlight at specific times of the day, or a view or to be close to parks and open spacesĀ in order to be happy.

This is why once the basics are out of the way and noted, our consultants ask each applicant for the five most important things they would want from their ideal property. Helping applicants create a property wish list at the beginning of our relationship with them means that both the agent and applicant save time and don’t visit properties that won’t match their expectations – and also enables applicants and consultants to have an objective conversation about how realistic that wishlist is, what might be ‘compromisable’ and what’s an absolute deal-breaker.

Whether you are buying a property for yourself or to let, or searching for somewhere to rent, here are a few things you should consider:

  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms do you require?
  • Is a garden or balcony essential?
  • In an apartment, do you have a preference about higher or lower floors?
  • Are you looking for a modern property or something more traditional?

These are all quite reasonable requests and whatever the answers are it is usually possible to find someone a home from them. That said, not all requests are quite as easy to accommodate! Below are some of the more interesting wishlist requirements our consultants have had to deal with previously…

  • I must be the first person to live there
  • Must have a cat flap and a balcony
  • I want a river view because my friends have a river view
  • Must be modern because I have allergies
  • It needs to make my friends jealous
  • Must have tinted windows


Sometimes applicants know exactly where they want to live – but other times, the request can be as broad as ‘London’. Considering that our range of property can spread from Wandsworth to Woolwich, Docklands to Dalston (and plenty in between) it is unlikely that an applicant would be willing to live anywhere in that range. Although it is great to have a flexible applicant, helping them narrow down their search is essential for saving time on both parties side. We ask questions about why they are moving and where they work to help them think if there are any areas or transport links they would like to be close to.

Local Area

Even if you think you know an area well, visit the property you want to rent or buy at different times of the day. Most modern properties have double glazing, but if you are a light sleeper, a ground floor flat on a busy road might not be appealing. That said, many areas of London do quieten down at night as cars leave the city, so don’t give up on your potential favourite before sharing your concerns with an agent and addressing them completely.

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