Property Maintenance: How to Clean a Fridge

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Last year I was at home when I heard a very loud noise in the kitchen. A bottle of lucozade had exploded, covering the inside of the fridge.

Lucozade is not an easy thing to clean up after. It was a domestic nightmare – in the end the only way I could get it clean was by soaking shelves and compartments in the bath, before scrubbing them for what felt like hours on end. While there is no shortcut to cleaning lucozade (at least not to my knowledge) there are a series of simple things that you can do on a regular basis to keep your fridge clean. Even a quick fortnightly ritual can keep things sparkling.

Every few months or so you should give it a proper clean, taking everything out of fridge and possibly using bleach and cleaning products to keep things hygienic. But on a regular basis, I don’t have time to do that – and I don’t want to be spraying chemicals in the fridge when I need to put food back in quickly. So for your weekly maintenance, all you will need are a few household products:

  • Warm water
  • Washing-up liquid
  • Clean cloth
  • Bicarbonate of soda
  • Old toothbrush

Start by taking all food and drink out of your fridge. Remove any shelves one by one and with a slightly soapy cloth, wipe each shelf down (make sure you rinse the cloth regularly). In a bowl or bottle, mix 1tsp bicarbonate of soda with 500ml warm water. Pour some of the mixture onto your cloth and clean the inside of the fridge with it. Rinse the cloth out and wipe the fridge down again with warm water.

I find that the part of my fridge that gets the dirtiest is the rubber seal – so dip your toothbrush into your bicarb / water mix and start scrubbing at the seal. This is where most the germs build up, so it really is worth doing regularly.

And you are done; a quick and easy piece of maintenance to keep you healthy and your home clean!

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