Property Maintenance: Drains

My team of property managers are very keen on preventative maintenance. We all like to think of ways to stop major problems occurring, so today we thought we would share our advice and experience of drains.

A blocked drain is not pleasant, but there are key causes and by knowing them you can ensure your drain stays blockage free. It is important to know what you shouldn’t be putting down the drain and how to check for any build-up that left unnoticed could cause a blockage.

Checking for build-up

  • Check plug holes in the bathroom for hair and remove any debris
  • Frequently pour hot water down plug holes to prevent build-up (about once a week)
  • Approximately once a month pour bleach or similar down plug holes to remove any build-up

What not to pour down the sink

  • Hot oil is a key culprit and should never be poured down the sink (or toilet for that matter!)
  • Food is a major cause of blockages so use the drainer in the sink to trap the food and then throw away
  • Animal fat blocks drains as it solidifies, so meat juices should be thrown away instead
Top Tips from the Property Managers
  • Silly one but don’t put straws, plastic items or any animal bones down the sink as this WILL block the drain and the waste disposal will NOT be able to get rid of such items. I thought this was obvious until someone did this… twice! Daniel Thomas
  • I have seen a metal nut cracker in the waste disposal. Not a good idea, but clearly people will try everything! David Lockyer
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