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In London, transport is probably talked about as often as the weather.

It’s funny; most forms of transport are great when they run to time and aren’t too busy. What frustrates is the inability to rely on what time you will arrive and what state you will be in when you get there!

Last weekend as a family we went out for the day by car to Legoland. It was noted that we had virtually no traffic either way and both journeys took about 45 mins. There was a real element of surprise. This is not our usual experience and the trip was all the more pleasurable because of it.

When I take the tube/train it’s great when there are no delays, very quick and efficient – and much more pleasant when it is not so crowded.  Buses are quite good, not great for long journeys, best for hopping on for a few stops. London’s proliferation of bus lanes do make a difference, but journeys can still be slowed by traffic.

Walking is fairly reliable; again in London best over shortish distances – and then of course you have the unpredictability of the weather to contend with!

However, I find the most consistent way of getting around London has to be on 2 wheels; nothing else comes close for convenience and predictability. For the last year I have travelled to work by pedal-power; prior to that I spent five years commuting on my faithful Honda 125 scooter.

Over the last year my journey times, regardless of vehicle traffic, has varied only by a few minutes. This was the same on my scooter. Commuting, and traveling in general by two wheels is definitely the future, and being able to use bus lanes is a huge bonus and safer too – thanks Boris.

With the Olympics looming and the additional burden it’ll place on our already creaking transport infrastructure, maybe it’s time for all of us to get on our bikes?!

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