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If you have read our PRSupdate blog before, you may have come across the spring cleaning tips that we posted last month. Hopefully you found it an easy way to break up your cleaning into manageable (and possibly even enjoyable?!) chunks.

That said, there were plenty of one-off incidents not mentioned in that post. From children drawing on walls to spillages, unexpected accidents need to be cleaned up – and usually right away. Today we hope to let you in on a few tips and tricks to keep your home in tip top condition.

Candle Wax
When candle wax melts onto your tablecloth it is not easy to remove. The best way to remove it is by placing blotting paper onto the tablecloth and ironing through it.

Chewing Gum
Chewing gum stuck on something? Grab a bag of ice and chill it – it should soon be removable.

Spilt something on the carpet? Don’t run and scrub – that’s the quickest way to ruin the pile!  Grab a paper towel instead, place it over the spill and gently step on it until the liquid is absorbed.

Leave a gap between walls and furniture so air can circulate freely – it’ll stop those nasty marks appearing on your walls when you decide to re-arrange the room!

Kitchen Bins
Does your kitchen bin get grimy at the bottom? Cover it with old newspapers to soak up leaks and keep things smelling clean.  Throw it away and replace it each time you change the bin liner.

Scuffed Flooring
Floor looking a little scuffed? Put a small amount of baking soda on a damp sponge to get marks off vinyl flooring. A new tennis ball will also remove scuff marks off painted walls, woodwork and tiles.

Finally, if you click on the image above, you will be taken to a useful (and very pretty!) worksheet from Life on Paper. It guides you through a cleaning routine from taking out the rubbish, starting the laundry and cleaning the bathroom to emptying the dishwasher, cleaning the oven and dusting the ceiling. It also reminds you to end with a celebratory drink of your choice; sounds good to me!

Happy cleaning.



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