Summer Time Property Maintenance Tips

Chris Everett - Ant

Chris Everett - Ant

Summer is a great time of year, especially when the sun is out!

Summer gives us a legitimate excuse to eat ice cream, break out our summer clothes and hopefully relax outdoors, basking in the sun. But just because it is summer it does not mean we should slack when it comes to looking after our homes, especially for anyone renting who would like to get their deposit back.

So to continue our series on Property Maintenance we look to provide you with some top tips for looking after your home during the summer months:


During the summer ants are more prevalent and can be a real annoyance if you are not careful. You must take extra care to clear up food spillages, especially from sugary items such as ice lollies and soft drinks. Even if you don’t live on the ground floor, ants can still find their way in and once ants know where they can get food you can rest assured they will return. If you happen to find ants in you house then it is possible to get ant traps in most hardware shops to help treat these. Just put it in an out of the way place  and the ants should be lured in to it rather than your food stock. You will be able to find ant traps online or at a variety of different stores.

Wasps & bees

Wasps and bees can also be an annoyance when the weather gets warmer as they’re emerging from hibernation and looking for food. If you find a bee in your home the best way to get rid of it is to open a few windows and try to shepard the bee towards one of them. Bees are not aggressive and will usually only sting if heavily provoked. Wasps, on the other hand, are a lot more aggressive and more prone to attacking when looking for food. With wasps it is still best to try and shepard it out of your home but if you have to kill it you can feel a lot less guilty about doing so than if it was a bee.

If you happen to find that there is a bee or wasp nest in your home then leave it alone and call us so we can bring in an expert!


As the weather gets warmer food items can spoil quicker so it is important to ensure that any rubbish bins with food items in them are regularly emptied (to help limit bad smells and flies) as well as making sure any perishable items are correctly stored.

Drains & Sinks

Not very summer related but it’s important to remember that when renting, it’s your responsibility to keep sinks and pipes unblocked. To avoid this; do not put food residue down, ensure a strainer is used and use drain cleaner at regular intervals and not just when a problem occurs. Another must is to not flush cleaning wipes, or anything that doesn’t degrade in water, down toilets as these too can cause blockages. Continue to help keep bathrooms well ventilated by using the extractor fan and ensure that the filters are cleaned of dust so that they work effectively.

Moths & mosquitoes

Moths and mosquitoes can be a nuisance during the night time as they are both attracted to light. The best way to avoid having them invade your home is to avoid having on a bright lights with open windows or to put up net curtains the deny them access.


Keep bathrooms well ventilated by using the extractor fans and ensure that the filters are cleaned of dust so that they work effectively. This will help with the higher humidity experienced during the summer months and can keep the mildew at bay.

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