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O2: No Service

The big question in this new age of technology is “Can you live without your mobile?”

Well over the last 18+ hours a large number of O2 customers, including myself, have been forced to address this question and our collective answer has been a resounding NO! O2 can not hide from the anger that it is eminiating from all corners of the internet. The big question now is what can O2 do to placate the masses?

It seems that people can now not live without working mobile phones and the fact that they have no control over this matter means there are a lot of very unhappy O2 customers out there this morning. You only have to take a look at O2’s Facebook page, search for O2 on Twitter or view the comments sections in response to online press articles, like that from The Telegraph, to see how unhappy customers are and how they have taken to all corners of the internet to express their anger and confusion.  Many are asserting that they will be leaving O2 for good as a result, not only of the network meltdown, but by how poor O2’s customer service response has been. This is looking to be a true PR nightmare for the UK’s second largest mobile network, with an estimated customer base of around 22 million, and as the hours tick by things do not look good.

Unfortunately I am one of the many thousands who have been affected by this outage and while, unlike so many others, I have not expressed my annoyance and outrage online I am still quite peeved. The main reason I am annoyed is the lack of information surrounding the problem as O2’s updates about the situation have been sparse at best and their answers a little too on the cagey side for my liking. They have not provided us with much beyond the fact that they are working on it and nothing I have seen makes me believe they know what has gone wrong!

It is also not the first time this has happened in recent weeks.  About a fortnight ago, a number of O2 customers were without the ability to text. A function that is these days is just as important as being able to make calls.

What worries me is that with no clear information on the cause, or remedies being put in place, there’s nothing to say that these incidents won’t continue to crop up time and time again. While I am a patient man, I am not willing to put my faith in a service in which I have lost trust and cannot rely upon. This is almost the exact same scenario that was played out late 2011 with Blackberry and the backlash they felt is still affecting them to this day.

SO the question now is how many O2 customers will be willing to give them another chance?  I believe many won’t be and O2 are going to have to up the customer service stakes to keep hold of a lot of unhappy customers!

Update 13:30 – It is being reported that O2 have solved the problem affecting their network. Now they just have to worry about placating a horde of angry customers.

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