The importance of good communication

The importance of good communication

The importance of good communication

Today I had the worst journey into work all year. It took me 3 hours to get to work when it should have taken about half of that. Due to my lateness, and the fact that I am keeper of the office keys,  a number of my colleagues were left out in the bitter cold.

Now I should be livid about the whole thing, and I am slightly, but my anger is nowhere near the levels it has been in the past. The reason for this was, simply, communication.

The whole time I was stuck on my Northern Line train I, and my fellow commuters, were kept in the loop. Every time the driver got an update it was communicated to us. And he did not just provide us with a bored and nonchalant “There’s a problem and we’ll be delayed.” The driver kept us well informed, explained the problem and why this caused delays. Also, when the driver apologized for being held at a station it came across as a sincere apology.

Due to this consistent flow of detailed information I was placated; I knew what the problem was, I knew why this affected the line and I knew what was being done to fix it. I felt reassured that everything was being done to get me to my destination as quickly as possible. I honestly couldn’t ask for more and as such I couldn’t reasonably be that angry.

This whole event has again highlighted for me the importance of consistant and clear communication. Whether it is a crisis or not it’s always good to keep everyone involved informed. This is a mantra that underpins the activities of Young London & Young Group and one we try to instill within all our employees and a reason I take pride in working with the team we have.


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