The Importance of Customer Service

Image: Halifax - Providing Good Customer Service

Image: Halifax – Providing Good Customer Service

Banks have not had the easiest of times recently, with “Banker Bonus culture” and high profile cases of bank mistakes causing havoc for millions impacting their public image, but not all experiences when using banks are bad.

This post is here to extol the virtues about how good customer service is alive and well, for me at least, with one bank.

I have been banking with the Halifax for over 10 years now – when I opened a child saver account – and I have stuck with them since. I didn’t notice it when I was younger but looking back I can see how, throughout my whole banking lifespan, I have been provided with the sort of customer service that I  find in precious few other businesses.

One of my best customer service experiences with Halifax was when I was heading off to uni. I decided to search for the best account and, while other banks offered larger over drafts or fancy items, it was Halifax that spoke to me as a person. They explained to me why they weren’t offering as large an overdraft as other banks – to remove temptation of overspending – but the ability to go into my overdraft cost free was extended for two years after I graduated. This would provide me with ample time to find a job and start paying back anything that I might owe without the fear of being hit by interest charges. I was treated as a young adult who would be stepping into the big wide world sooner than he might realise and not just someone who could be won over with a pile of “free” money or some fancy gadgets!

One example of good customer service is not enough though as brand loyalty is built up by not just being good once, but by being good consistently. Recently I had my credit card cloned while on holiday in the USA – due to their lack of chip and pin – and it ended up being used in Mexico. Before I even saw the charge on my online statement I had received a phone call informing me of anomalous usage of my card. In short order my card was cancelled, a new one was sent out and the helpful people at Halifax even walked me through filling out the report they required.

Every time I have any interaction with Halifax I have received the level of customer service I would expect. It should not always be about which bank offers the highest, or lowest, rate of interest but the one that shows the highest rate of interest in their customers.

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