Property Management Guide: How to clean an oven

How to clean an oven

How to clean an oven

Cleaning the oven.

Possibly the most hated combination of words in the English language!  It is a thankless task and daunting for the uninitiated. It’s dirty, messy and can involve hours of scrubbing. It’s not all bad news though. There are a number of ways to make the job easier and all you need are the right tools, the right products and some insider know-how (which we’ll provide you with now).

Steaming before cleaning

A neat little trick is to place an oven proof bowl of water in the oven, on high, for half an hour. The idea behind this is that the steam will soften any stubborn grease and grime, thus making stains easier to remove.

Use soda crystals

Old-fashioned soda crystals, available from most supermarkets, are a brilliant and eco-friendly kitchen cleaner that will cut through grease with ease. Spread a thick layer on the bottom of the oven and cover with a damp tea towel. You will have to leave it for about 3 – 5 hours, giving you plenty of time to take care of any other cleaning tasks, then just vacuum them out. Remember to empty the vacuum straight after and then rinse the oven thoroughly.

Use a glass scraper

The best tool to clean the glass door of the oven would be, the aptly named, a glass scraper, which is usually used to remove paint splashes on windows. If the glass door is detachable, carefully remove it, soak in a hot solution of biological washing powder and then scrape to remove any stuck-on residue.

Put filthy shelves into a cleaning bag

Oven shelves are often considered to be the hardest and most frustrating part of an oven to clean. An easy solution is to place the shelves in plastic bags, along with a specialised cleaning product, and leave over night to soak. Then, in the morning, just rinse and wipe down for a sparkling finish. No effort required and the results can be impressive. You can buy kits from most supermarkets that include the bag and cleaning solution.

Cleaning the element 

Avoid using harsh chemical cleaners. Use a mixture of baking soda (bicarbonate of soda) and vinegar. Make sure the oven is cold and then moisten the element with water, spread on a thick layer of baking soda and leave for around three hours. Spray vinegar on the baking soda and watch it fizz into action. Let it sit for a few more hours then simply wipe with warm water.

Following these steps will leave you with a sparkling clean oven in no time.

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