Property Management Guide: Proactive home care

Sometimes it is the simplest of things that we forget to do that can lead to larger issues later on.

So, as head of Young London’s Property Management team, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a proactive home care guide. This is a list of things that sometimes get overlooked when people live in a property.

Even if there is only one new piece of information from this list, it will still have been a success.


To help keep drains and pipes clear of blockages it’s a good idea to not scrape lots of food waste into the sink. Clean the plate off into the bin and then just rinse off any excess. It would also be advisable not to flush wet wipes, nappies or excess toilet paper down the toilet as these can cause  blockages and possible flooding.

Washing Machines

When loading washing machines you should ensure that all pockets have been emptied.  Don’t rely on others to have cleaned out their pockets! The last thing that you need is a broken washing machine due to an errant item left in a pocket.


Ensure that bathrooms are being kept well ventilated after they have been in use. This will help to help avoid condensation damaging the room and also prevent the build up of any mould.

When cooking it is also good practice to make sure that any fumes are being ventilated to avoid smells permeating into the room.

Protective measures

To help avoid stains on the furniture, especially tables, it is a good idea place coasters or protective mats. This will help you to avoid leaving marks behind and mitigate the possible damage caused by spillages.

Cleaning ovens

Keeping the insides of ovens cleaned at regular intervals will help to ensure that there is no heavy build up of grease. This will help the oven operate to it’s best ability and make your life easier. We have a whole post about how to thoroughly clean your oven to leave it sparkling clean.


Keeping shower fixtures cleaned regularly helps to avoid limescale build up-again helping ensure it doesn’t become ingrained and discolouring the fixtures. Just follow the tips in our popular limescale guide and your shower will remain looking like new!


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