Property Management Guide: Basic fault finding

Property Management Guide

Property Management Guide

The Young London Property Management team are there to help our residents when the need arises and we believe that the fantastic service they provide gives our residents, and landlords,  peace of mind.

In the post are some hints and pointers to help assist residents in identifying potential faults which assist the Property Management department in being able to help effectively resolve any issues. Effective fault finding at this stage can help a tenant remedy issues.

When experiencing maintenance issues

If an electrical appliance stops working then:

  • Check to see if the plug has been accidentally knocked out of the socket
  • Check to see if the appliance takes batteries and whether these have run out
  • Check the fuse box to ensure that none of the breakers have tripped
  • If applicable, it would also be advisable to check the isolator switch for that appliance
  • Don’t forget to check that there is nothing physically wrong with the appliance that would cause it to stop working. For example please check to ensure that there are no blockages or obstrctions
  • Does another appliance work in the socket? If so, you know it is the appliance which is faulty as opposed to the power source. If another appliance does not work in that particular socket then it may be a fault with the socket

  • If all electrical appliances have stopped working this may be due to a power outage. Check with a neighbour to see if it is affecting the area or is just localised to your property

If a light is not working:

  • Check to see if changing the bulb for a new one works

If the washing machine/dishwasher isn’t working properly or not functioning at all then:

  • Turning the appliance on and off again to see if this fixes the problem
  • Attempt to reset the machines programme – Instructions on how to do this should be in the appliance instruction manual
  • If available, run a cleaning cycle to see if this will help the situation

If there is an issue with a sink or toilet not draining properly then:

  • Try using a drain cleaning product to attempt to remove any blockage
  • Attempt to manually unblock the sink with a plunger

Hopefully these tips will help you have a stress free time in your home.

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