Property Management Guide: Spring Clean 2013

Spring Clean 2013

Spring Clean 2013

At some point in the coming months the majority of people will partake in the annual ritual known as the “Spring Clean”. This, for the uninitiated, is the time of year when a property is cleaned from top to toe.

There are many tasks that should be completed regularly all year round to ensure that your home stays in tip top condition such as vacuuming, cleaning the facilities and other minor things. During a spring clean you should clean things that you normally overlook or put off due to time constraints.

How long the whole spring cleaning process takes will very much depend on how vigorously you approach it and how much free time you have set aside. To help with organisation we have split the tasks into three sections.

The first section, which is the longest list, is a compilation of the simplest and quickest tasks to get you started, motivated and provide a few quick wins. The second section includes tasks that may take longer but will help get your property looking fresh. The third list includes the jobs that no one really likes doing but need to be tackled all the same.

To help get you started here are a few items that you should have at hand to help during your cleaning sessions:

  • Hand Duster
  • Rubber Gloves
  • A Good Mop
  • Squeegee
  • Sponges
  • Feather Duster (Preferably extendable)

Now its time to get down to the nitty gritty – Take a deep breath, get stuck in and it’ll be done in no time.

First Step

  • Clear away any cobwebs; if you have an aversion to spiders (and I don’t blame you) then use an extendable feather duster to keep them at arms length
  • Dust the blinds; again the extendable feather duster will come in handy
  • Wipe down and dust the radiators
  • Dust any ceiling fans
  • Dust the extractor fans
  • Dust and wipe down any  picture frames, shelves, books and other items that are a magnet for dust
  • Clean the lighting fixtures

Second Step

  • Flush the drain with boiling water and a drain cleaning solution
  • Wipe down mirrors, windows & glass doors
  • Clear out the fridge and clean the inside and outside
  • Got through any food items (from the fridge & freezer), remove any that are out of date and you’ll never eat and throw them away
  • Wash and vacuum the floors; while this is something you should do regularly it’s still nice to do it now to get the full feeling of a complete clean

Third Step

For these horrible, yet very necessary, tasks we have created separate guides for you to follow.

If you’ve followed this guide then the job is done! Now it’s time to enjoy your squeaky clean home so pour yourself a cooling drink and relax to the sounds of your favourite music with the satisfaction of a job well done.

Also, after all this hard – and arduous – work you really should treat yourself to something fun so don’t forget to check out the Young London Twitter to find out all of the interesting things going on around London.

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