Property Management Guide: General tips for maintaining your home all year round!

Property Management Guide

Property Management Guide

Everyone at Young London wants our residents to enjoy their home, which is why I like to produce handy guides.

This entry of my Property Management Guide series (which includes Proactive Home Care & Basic Fault Finding) will provide you with a host of general tips to help maintain your home all year round.


Let’s start off with a tip for when you’re using storage cupboards. You should always be mindful of your hot water cylinder if it is located there as there are a selection of pipes attached to this which can easily be knocked, and damaged, which could cause a water leak. It would be best to avoid resting anything on or against these pipes and being extra careful when taking items out of the cupboard.

Now that the warm weather is starting to become a more regular feature in our lives why not use this opportunity to throw open the windows and allow the air to circulate. This will help to avoid dampness and condensation building up around the windows.

This may seem like an obvious one but it’s surprising how many people forget to do a thorough check of clothing pockets when loading a washing machine.  Loose change, or other items, left inside clothing could cause the machine to not work properly as  it clogs the pipes or filter. Any damage could result in potentially costly repairs.

Should you have an issue with power to a particular appliance or room it is best to first double check the fuse box to ensure that all fuses are in the ‘on’ position and none have tripped.

If you are ever in the mood for some feng shui please do take care to ensure that any furniture is moved carefully as wooden flooring can become scratched quite easily.


Another top tip, especially for those who consider themselves a budding Marco Pierre White, is to ensure that burnt on grease or residue in cookers and on hobs is wiped up after use. This will help to ensure that any mess does not become ingrained and therefore a lot more of a challenge to clean at a later date.

Time saving Tip: Most cooker hood filters can be removed and placed in your dishwasher for a quick and easy way to clean and degrease.

Blocked sinks can be a nightmare so make sure that there is always a strainer over the kitchen sink plug. This will help trap food residue to be easily thrown away.


Ensuring your bathroom extractor fan is on all year round as this helps to minimise condensation build up.

Time saving Tip: Some extractor fan filters can be removed and giving them a quick clean will ensure that the fan is working to its full potential.

To help minimise the build up of limescale and heavy water marks/smears on your shower screen and taps keep a sponge or squeegee close by for a quick wipe down after use.

Following these tips will hopefully keep your property a pleasant place to live in and somewhere you can proudly call home.

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