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Concierge Area

Concierge Area


n.         a person who has charge of the entrance of a building and is often the owner’s representative or caretaker.

The role of a Concierge means different things to different people. However, in London this service essentially provides these basic elements:

  • Providing security by overseeing who has access to and from the building
  • Postage and Parcel Receipt (in a resident’s absence)
  • A physical presence for communication between residents and the building management
  • On-site point of contact for reporting building maintenance issues
  • Supervision of the communal areas (appearance, safety etc.)

But things are changing and the role of a concierge, especially in high-end developments, is beginning to shift to be more in line with the service that you would expect from a 4* Hotel or a serviced apartment.

High-end developments have realised that it’s not just about offering a quality finished product with high-end facilities, they need to offer more long term benefits if they want to have satisfied residents; and a high-end concierge service is just one of these offerings.

Residents of the more luxurious developments, whether they are owner occupiers or renters, expect to be greeted by a friendly face and a kind word by the person on the front desk on their return home. Something this small could help start to turn a bad day around, which is why block managers are starting to invest more in recruiting those with the right appearance and motivation to deliver the service residents expect.

Though, no matter how basic the level of service, concierges will cost to operate annually and the higher the calibre of service offered, the higher the costs. This high cost will mean increased service level charges and so the new style of concierge needs to offer services beyond the norm, such as:

  • Arranging dry cleaning/laundry services
  • Reservations for restaurants, theatre tickets etc.
  • Travel reservations and transport updates
  • Local area knowledge
  • Valet Car Parking
  • Booking (or recommending) high quality cleaning services, handymen and contractors

Why is a good concierge a benefit for a landlord (someone who is never actually going to receive the benefits of this service)?

A high-end concierge service will generate a rental premium as this kind of service service will attract a higher quality of residents who appreciates, and expects, these additional services.

Maintain a positive relationship with the residents will be essential in creating a positive atmosphere that residents, owner-occupiers and renters, will be happy to call home.

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