8 Simple Rules for Providing Amazing Customer Service

Samantha Richardson, Head of Service Delivery & Training, Young London

Samantha Richardson, Head of Service Delivery & Training, Young London

Good customer service should be the lifeblood of any business as getting it right is what will keep people coming back to you time and again.

At Young London we have taken this to heart and customer service is central to everything we do. Feedback from our residents and landlords forms the basis of how we measure our success and reward the team.

But how do you go about providing amazing customer service?

Well it might be surprising to hear but providing good customer service isn’t as difficult as many would think! At Young London we have our 8 simple rules for providing ‘Amazing Customer Service':

1. Don’t let it ring!

During office hours make it a priority to pick up the phone within three rings! Also, a caller should always get to talk to someone and not an automated robot.

Outside of working hours the out of office message should provide helpful information and an emergency contact number. Also it is paramount that someone checks the voicemail inbox every morning and that those callers are made a priority.

2. Keep your promises

Reliability is key. For example, if we say “Your property will be ready on Tuesday”, then we make sure to do everything in our power to make that happen.

So, think before you make any promises because nothing annoys customers more than being let down. Things can go wrong and people will be understanding – so long as they are kept informed and provided with a solution.

3. Listen to your customers

When a customer talks, listen. It is that simple.

If there is a call for a colleague, and they are unavailable, then it is imperative that comprehensive notes are taken and passed along. There is nothing more annoying than having to repeat yourself numerous times to different people or having the person you want to talk to not knowing you’ve called for them.

4. Deal with issues head on

Don’t sweep a complaint under the rug.

While hearing a complaint is never nice the foundation of amazing customer service is built on dealing with an issue when something doesn’t go right.

Dealing with complaints is not a simple process so I’ll be using a future blog post to provide in depth insight into how to properly deal with a complaint. For now I’ll just say that acknowledgement of a complaint and understanding the complaints issue will go a long way in helping to diffuse the situation.

5. Be selfless

Be happy to provide something to someone even if there are no immediate rewards for your business

Young London provides free guides to all applicants to help them navigate through the rental process.  It’s a small gesture but it’s something that has stuck with people and been passed onto friends and colleagues.

6. Train your staff

Knowledge is power. In this case it’s the power to provide amazing customer service.

Provide your staff with regular training sessions so they know what is expected of them and how to deliver it. A small cost on bringing in an experienced external trainer can pay large dividends in the long run.

7. Give them extra

People may not always say so but they do notice when you put in that little bit of extra effort and this is what they will tell other people when talking about your company.

When talking to a customer you should think beyond just asking them the basic questions, try to delve into their motivations so you can help steer them to the correct product/service.

For example, our Property Consultants like to establish why prospective tenants are looking for a property so that we can properly qualify them and show them properties that fit their needs. There’s nothing worse then taking someone to a property that they fall in love with and want to rent only for them to fail referencing on something that could have been flagged in the beginning.

8. Throw in something extra to bring them back again

A coupon for a future date, vouchers for recommending a friend or a discount on their birthday… Anything that will have them coming back to you or passing on your details to friends and colleagues.

Apply these eight simple rules consistently, your business will become known for its good customer service. And the best part? The irony of good customer service is that over time it will bring in more new customers than promotions and price slashing ever did!

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