European Standards for Safety of Internal Window Blinds

British Standards Institution

British Standards Institution

In February 2014 the British Standards Institution (BSI) published a forty page document outlining the new Standards of safety requirements to address certain risks posed to children by internal blinds and corded window coverings.

The Standards apply to blinds which have cords or chains fitted with a hazardous loop that could create a danger in premises where there are children aged between 0 and 4 years who are likely to have access or be present.

This is an interesting development as it means agencies must now ensure that their contractors are compliant and that they carry out the necessary due diligence.

Implementing the following processes and procedures should ensure that agents meet the BSI’s requirements:

  • When purchasing a blind/curtain track make sure it contains a label regarding safety and compliance with the Standard and a safety device installed to prevent strangulation of a young child by a dangerous loop made of cord material or ball bearings.
  • Whenever blinds are installed, ensure that pictures are taken and a written record is provided, confirming that they have been installed as per the Standards’ requirements.
  • An audit of the current property portfolio should be carried out to ensure that the current blinds/curtain tracks carry the appropriate safety label.

These are necessary requirements as, if an accident did occur, Trading Standards could take action against an agent if they have failed to adhere to the BSI’s requirements.


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