Extolling the Benefits of Living Closer to Work

Live closer to work and avoid crowded public transport

Live closer to work and avoid crowded public transport

With working days getting longer, continual transport issues and the ever increasing cost of commuting I know that many people (including myself) have asked, “Wouldn’t it be nicer to live closer to work?”.

There’d be no overcrowded buses or tubes, no delays, no traffic jams and (possibly) no travel costs. Just a delightfully slow amble or bike ride to the office each morning, as the rest of the country battles their way in.

It seems I am not the only one who thinks like this, as Young London has recently seen a jump in the number of requests for rental properties within an easy commute (walk or bike ride) of the main employment areas in London’s Zones 1 & 2. As these are the areas we specialise in we’ve been more than happy to help people in their search.

But moving closer to work is not just about decreasing travel stress! There are also a raft of other benefits that this move can provide.

Money Saving

By walking or biking into work you’ll have escaped the ever increasing rail fares that blight the majority of commuters. With Season Tickets running into the thousands of pounds (some as high as £5000+) this is money saved that can be spent elsewhere.

Also, if you live close enough to work, you could even pop home for lunch and save on the cost of those daily supermarket sandwiches. You might even have the time to catch up on that show you missed out on last night (that everyone is talking about) while enjoying your fresh, homemade lunch!


Walking to the office each day, rather than being crammed into a tube, bus or car, will be a great way of getting that extra bit of exercise to help shed a few pounds or just justify the biscuits to go with afternoon tea!

If you feel like hopping on a bike then there is the ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme, a Government backed tax exemption initiative that allows employers to loan cycles and cyclists’ safety equipment to employees as a tax-free benefit. Though, if you don’t feel like cycling every day then there is the great ‘Boris Bikes’ scheme that provides you with an inexpensive way of cycling into work when you feel like it.  At only £2 for access, and all journeys of less than 30 minutes free, it is a great way to get to work if you feel like a change. And, as London is trying to encourage its residents to bike to work more often, there are now more bike paths than ever, making it quick and easy to cycle round large parts of the Capital.


By living closer to work you’ll be able to wrestle back control of your work-life balance and hopefully tip the scales closer to ‘life’. Living closer to work can give you a few extra hours a day at home with the family, more time to indulge your hobbies and also mean you don’t have to bail out so early from the post work drinks!


This one is particularly true if you have to drive into work. In this day and age, with reducing ones impact on the environment high on many agendas, how nice would it feel to be able to reduce your own carbon footprint by moving closer to work and removing the need to run your car during the week?

So, if you’re loving the sound of all the benefits of escaping your commuting hell then I’d suggest giving one of our friendly Property Consultants a call to see if we can help you ‘Find Your Home’ closer to work.

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