Revenge Eviction Bill Does Not Proceed

Sarah Teather’s Tenancies (Reform) Bill is talked down at its second reading

Sarah Teather’s Tenancies (Reform) Bill is talked down at its second reading

Sarah Teather’s Tenancies (Reform) Bill, dubbed the ‘Revenge Eviction Bill’, has failed to proceed from its second reading in the House of Commons.

During the debate MPs Philip Davies and Christopher Chope decided to ‘talk out’ the Bill so that only 60 MPs managed to vote before time ran out. This stopped the bill from receiving the 100 votes that are required for a motion to proceed.

The bill had received cross-party support but was openly opposed by leading landlord associations, who claimed it could lead to landlords finding it difficult to take back possession of their properties from problem tenants.

After the bill failed to proceed there was an angry reaction on Social Media from Alex Hilton, Director of Generation Rent and the housing charity Shelter as well as from the press with many journalists calling it a failure on the part of parliament to offer greater protection to tenants.

Meanwhile, the Residential Landlords Association welcomed the outcome and stated that the Bill “…was badly drafted and missed its target” and that it “…would have punished good landlords and allowed bad tenants, savvy with their rights, to play the system.”

Ms Teather has come out and stated that she is “…extremely disappointed with the outcome…” and that she hopes the Government uses the Consumer Rights Bill “…to table the provisions they have publicly said they support.”

The debate on this matter is sure to continue as the Parliament website stats that the bill will resume the second reading debate on December 5th 2014.


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